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Stargate Kink Meme
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A place for people to write Stargate kink memes.
The kink memes will be open for new prompts for about a year. They will remain open for fills indefinitely.

After about a year, a new kink meme will be started.

The prompts and fills will be archived on AO3 and prompts will be linked on delicious.

Previous rounds (still open for fills):

Promoting/pimping the kink meme:

Yes, please! You can find banners here.


  • Anonymous posting is allowed, there are no captchas, and no ip logging. Respect other people's right to be anonymous!

  • All pairings (including threesomes, foursomes, moresomes) are allowed.

  • The kink meme is open for all Stargate series and movies.

  • Do NOT bash characters, pairings, kinks, or real people

  • There will be NO rudeness - no comments that someone's prompt, pairing, fill, or kink is stupid or disgusting, or whatever. Remember, if you don't like it, just scroll past it!

  • All sexualities are allowed such as het, slash, femslash, solo, poly, etc

  • All ratings are accepted, but readers should expect most fills to be R or NC-17.

  • Leave 1 prompt per comment

  • Crossovers are accepted, but the focus should be on Stargate.

  • Please warn for spoilers for episodes and movies newer than 2 years.

  • Please report wank to a mod if you see it. Excessive wank (mod's decision) can lead to the thread getting frozen.

  • Please use the correct format when you post a prompt/request

    • List order: show, pairing, kink (if any), prompt/explanation (if any). Use first names when there are no risk of confusion. If it can be anyone, say 'any' or 'any male', or 'any female'. Or say 'Wraith', 'Goa'uld', 'Tok'ra', 'human'... If you want descriptions, like dom!Sam, then put it in the description, not in the pairing. Put RPF before RPF prompts. Examples:

      • SG-1, Sam/Jack, bondage, dom!Sam. Sam had been shopping online for the vacation.

      • SG-1, Jack/Daniel, roleplay

      • SGA, Carson/Rodney, aliens made them do it, The planet's population had seemed very friendly, and that was confirmed later.

      • SG-1, Sam/Martouf/Lantash, tickling

      • SG-1/SGA, Jack/Elizabeth, consent play

      • RPF, Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks, slave auction

    • WARNING: requests and fills may contain triggers!

    • Fills can be posted anonymously.

    • Fills can be fic, art, icons, vids, walls, manips... anything really, but if the prompter/requester asks for something particular, like fic, then you should follow that.

    • Please do NOT link to locked material. This community has an AO3 collection here where you can post anonymously. Mods will try to archive the prompts there after a month, if the prompter does not want to themselves/does not have an account. Just say if you want us to archive your prompt/fill!

    • Please link to NSFW or triggery images/videos. Don't embed.

    • Please nest your stories. If it has multiple parts, reply to part 1 to add new bits.

    • Please do not link to locked material.

    • Please post your fills in this format (subject line): Title, Rating, (Pairing/Ship/Character), Warnings.

    • Warnings are:

      • non-con

      • dub-con

      • underage (under age 18)

      • character death

      • suicide

      • incest

      • self-injury

      • graphic violence

      • graphic torture

      • child abuse

      • slavery

      • Or say "Author does not warn"

    • Remember; DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!


    • What is a kink meme? A place for people to make fic or art requests/prompts, that usually involve sexual content, and for people to fill requests/prompts that have been made. The result is usually hundreds of comments filled with anonymously-written, sexually-explicit fanfiction.

    • What are kinks in this context? There are great lists of kink here in the kink-wiki and here at eliade's journal. That said, kinks does not necessarily have to be sexual kinks. Fandom kinks/cliches/tropes are fine too - if you want to write about, say, people being stranded off-world, or your heroes having sex becauses aliens make them do it, then that is awesome. There are LOTS of fandom kinks on TV tropes - if you dare go there! There is also a list of many common kinks and cliches here.

    • Do the fic/art have to be explicit? No, and they do not necessarily have sexual content at all, but it should be expected that most fills will.

    • What about RPF (real person fic)? It is allowed, as long as all participants in the fic/art are above 18.

    • What about non-con? It is permitted, but there must be a warning on the fill.

    Note: Some people make separate journals to post on kink memes and track things for FREE vs buying paid time. Most of those users do not go anon for tracking purposes. Just because you see their name does not mean they are not posting fills anon.

    Rules inspired (and sometimes borrowed directly) from 4theloveofkink. THANK YOU. YOU ARE AWESOME!

    Header, buttons, promo banners, icons... all kindly made by roeskva. Thank you!
adria, aiden ford, aldwin, aldwin/teyla, amaunet, amaunet/apophis, anise, anubis, apophis, asgard, ba'al, bra'tac, cameron mitchell, camille wray, camulus, carolyn lam, carolyn lam/cameron mitchell, carolyn lam/daniel jackson, carson beckett, cassandra, chaka, charles kawalsky, chloe armstrong, cronus, daniel jackson, daniel/sha're, daniel/vala, drey'auc, drey'auc/teal'c, eli wallace, elizabeth weir, elizabeth weir/john sheppard, evan lorne, everett young, fanart, fanfic, femslash, fic, fifth, freya, freya/anise, freya/anise/daniel jackson, freya/anise/jack o'neill, general hammond, goa'uld, hank landry, harry maybourne, hathor, hathor/daniel, hathor/jack, heru'ur, het, ishta, jack o'neill, jack/daniel, jack/sara, jacob carter, jacob/selmak, jacob/selmak/janet, jaffa, janet fraiser, janet/daniel, jennifer keller, jennifer keller/ronon dex, john sheppard, jolinar, jonas hanson, jonas quinn, kasuf, kate heightmeyer, kink, kink meme, klorel, lantash, laura cadman, loki, louis ferretti, lya, major paul davis, malek, martouf, martouf/lantash, matthew scott, narim, nicholas rush, nirrti, oma desala, orlin, osiris, pete shanahan, peter grodin, peter kavanagh, poly, ra, radek zelenka, richard woolsey, rodney mckay, ronald greer, ronon dex, rya'c, sam/ba'al, sam/cam, sam/daniel, sam/jack, sam/janet, sam/jolinar, sam/jolinar/martouf/lantash, sam/malek, sam/martouf/lantash, sam/narim, sam/paul davis, samantha carter, samantha carter/martouf/lantash, sara o'neill, sarah gardener, selmak, sex, sg-1, sga, sgu, sha're, shau'nac, sheppard/mckay, shifu, siler, skaara, slash, sokar, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate universe, tamara johansen, tanith, tau'ri, teal'c, teal'c/ishta, teal'c/shau'nac, teyla emmagan, thor, threesomes, tok'ra, tollan, tomin, vala mal doran, walter harriman, yosuuf/garshaw, yu, zarin, zipacna

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